The faculty was founded by Gazi University in 1992. Following the faculty's foundation, the Department of Forest Engineering was launched in 1998, and 30 undergraduate students enrolled in the program. The Faculty of Forestry was separated from Gazi University, when Kastamonu University was founded in 2006. The Faculty has been administered by Kastamonu University since then. In the following years, Department of Forest Industrial Engineering was opened at the Faculty of Forestry as well. Although Wildlife Ecology and Management department has been opened in the faculty recently, student acceptance has not begun yet.

The Faculty of Forestry building is located in the main campus, Kuzeykent. In the building, 8 classrooms, 7 laboratories, 1 library and 2 computer labs have been actively utilized. There are 8 professors, 1 Associate Professor, 16 Assistant Professors, and 26 Research Assistants as of 2017 in the Faculty.

Our Mission is to;

  • maintain and enhance our role in producing and communicating knowledge that ensures the sustainable management of the nation’s forests.
  • train future’s professionals and leaders in forest conservation and management, forest industry and wildlife management.

Departments: The Faculty of Forestry offers the following programs for undergraduate and graduate students.

  • Forest Engineering
  • Forest Industrial Engineering

Undergraduate programs

In undergraduate programs, students gain theoretical knowledge, and acquire the essential general and professional competences to continue into the graduate level of studies. All undergraduate programs last for 4 years (8 semesters) in the Faculty of Forestry.

Graduate programs

The mission of the Graduate Education in the Forestry Faculty is to provide graduate students advanced academic study and opportunities to develop methods of independent and systematic investigation, along with providing graduate students and faculty with an environment conducive to learning and scholarly activities. Graduate programs leading to an M.S. and Ph.D. degree are offered in Forestry Engineering and Forest Industrial Engineering.

For more information for Master’s and doctoral programs, please check the link below;