FOREST ENGINEERING - Department Information  
Language Türkçe
Program Time (Year) 4
Max.Program Time (Year) 7
Program Quota  
Internships Status Have
PROG. Director
Prof.Dr. Erol AKKUZU
Forest Engineering Department is located on Kastamonu University Kuzeykent Campus. It has continued activities in education and research. It was founded at Gazi University Faculty of Forestry in 1992. Since founding Kastamonu University, the department was connected Kastamonu University Faculty of Forestry. The education started in 1998 and first graduates were given at 2002. Since it was established with its own teaching staff educates students in the field of forestry.
Qualification Awarded
The students who have successfully completed all of the thought courses of the programme with 240 ECTS credits, achieved a CGPA of at least 2.00 out of 4.00 and had a pass grade from the Professional placement period and the report prepared therein are given Bachelor's Degree in FORESTRY ENGINEERING.
Qualifications Framework for European Higher Education Area (QF-EHEA):1
(European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning (EQF-LLL): 6
Admission Requirements
The registration, admission, examination and evaluation procedures of the students are carried out in accordance with the Higher Education Law and the decisions and regulations of the Higher Education Board issued based on this law. Registration admission procedures of Kastamonu University are carried out by the Registrar's Office, information about regulations and instructions can be accessed at The transition exam from secondary education to higher education is conducted by the Student Selection and Placement Center as "Higher Education Institutions Examination". Detailed information about the exams can be found at 'Higher Education Instutions Examination' exam; it consists of two sessions, the Basic Proficiency Test and the Field Proficiency Test and that measures the competence for transition to higher education. The Department of Forest Engineering places candidates according to the quantitative weighted score type, and the students with sufficient quantitative scores are entitled to study in this program.
Higher Grade Transition
Candidates who successfully complete their undergraduate education are eligible for postgraduate education. Postgraduate education services of the program are carried out by Kastamonu University Institute of Science. You can visit the institute's page for the necessary conditions, registration process and detailed information about the graduate programs.
Graduation Requirements
After 8 midterm in license programme student gets Forest Engineer caption. In its education programme there is a training programme for two months inorder to introduce profession closely. Students have to finish programme in 7 years. Students have to get minimum 2.0 graduating average of 4.0 in total for finishing the programme.
Occupational Profiles of Graduates
Students have chance in taking duty in constitution of some Ministry of Agriculture and Forest other public foundations. Also private sector has a great employement capacity. Graduated students could be able to establish their own firms in order to do professional facilities such as technical expertise, environmental arrangements, sapling cultivation, nusery technique, preparing study-project and application.
Assessment and Grading
Success in lessons are performed with examinations. For each lesson except laboratory, one mid-exam is compulsory but the next one should be done as homework, project and seminar etc. At the end of the term final examination is done. Either scores gotten during term or final examination score have %60 contribution on the general success score. A student must join %70 of the lessons and %80 of the laboratories. All exams are evaluated over 100 points. Students who get one of the letter grades (AA), (BA), (BB), (CB) and (CC) are considered successful from that course. In addition, students who have at least 2.00 GPA for a semester are considered successful from the courses if they have taken (DC) grade from those courses. This result is expressed as (DC+). Regarding the exams and course grades, the relevant articles of the Kastamonu University Education-Training and Exam Regulations are applied. For Updated Information;
One midterm exam is mandatory during the semester and the other is done in the form of semester studies (such as homework, projects and seminars) for courses outside of the laboratory. Only one exam is given at the end of the term. There is an attendance requirement of 70% for theoretical courses and 80% for practical courses.